About Pacific Arts Market

Pacific Arts Market is taking a slightly new direction. Building on the desire of artisans and crafters in the Pacific Northwest to be able to have opportunities to vend their quality wares a Bellingham-area group has purchased Pacific Arts Holiday Market. We are looking to continue the tradition of having shows featuring our high-quality arts and crafts and doing it in a co-operative manner. As a diverse group, we have many different strengths we each bring to our shows. Using these strengths we, together, make our shows successful.

Mission Statement

As of 01 May 2013 PAHM has become a vendor cooperative. As a cooperative group we will work together to provide a quality opportunity to vend our wares. As a cooperative we will find a venue, arrange for liability insurance for the show/building, collect booth fees and pay the rent and insurance. We will each take on responsibility for helping to make this a successful venture -- this is our event. We will form committees of members willing to take on jobs they are either good at, or at least willing to learn how to do. These committees will include, but are not limited to: Advertising, Vendor Support, Building/Set Up (includes cleaning, decorating, etc.), Setup/logistics, Board/Finance. If you are part of PAHM you will be expected to volunteer some form of service work toward putting on the event.


Where and when you can find us.

Sunset Square

1125 E. Sunset Drive, Suite 115.

Friday - Sunday Hours

10:00am through 6:00pm


December 6-8, 13-15, & 20-22.


The groups that help keep Pacific Arts going.


Works on different marketing efforts to get the word out about the show.

Vendor Support

Assists in getting vendors ready for the show, answering questions, etc.

Building/Set Up

Coordinates getting the building ready and the layout for booth spacing.


Coordinates in setting times for setup and take-down.


Organizational structure of Pacific Arts Market.